India Community Center (ICC) - Simi Valley was founded in 2012 by concerned members of the South Asian community to meet the educational and social service needs of Immigrants from the Indian sub-continent. With our expanded mission, we provide educational, social, settlement, health and employment related services to help all immigrants in the So Cal region. We are a place for families, friends and neighbors to connect through a wealth of unique programs, services and opportunities. Inside a welcoming, inclusive environment, people of all ages and faiths explore and discover new interests, build relationships while building skills, and strengthen this vibrant community that we share. Driven by the diverse minds of our community, our programs offer thoughtful, innovative and enriching insight into the world of Indian culture and tradition.


ICC - Simi Valley is an innovative provider of children’s education and services. We work to create meaningful, experiential learning moments that connect with our collective Indian heritage and faith.


ICC - Simi Valley programs are invaluable to Indian life both in the home and within the larger community. Our early childhood programs are shaping the Indian community future by engaging participants and their families in opportunities for life-long Indian learning and practice.


ICC - Simi Valley welcomes people of all ages, faiths and backgrounds, and provides innovative programs designed to meet the needs of everyone from infants to adults. We work to create meaningful learning moments that connect with our collective Indian heritage and faith in individual ways that meet participants where they are.


  • To assist the immigrant community to integrate into mainstream American society through education training, counseling, referral, information and bridging barriers (to integration).
  • To assist and educate the community on healthcare needs.
  • To provide family counseling and/or referral services in family crisis situations.
  • To identify problems associated with the duality of cultures for children of immigrants and to provide opportunities for resolving them through education.
  • To inform the mainstream American community about the value system of first generation Americans.
  • To raise funds for programs and projects related to achieving the objectives of the organization.
  • To strive for providing language and culture specific services as appropriate.